Jon Cotton – Cow Pushers to the rescue

Another Chapter from papa Jon. enjoy 🙂   Life down on Happyville Farm. Blog # 2: Cowpushers to the rescue. The journey to Happyville started in that church. I’m not a religious man, spiritual yes maybe, but not religious. My … Continue reading

Jon cotton – Life down on happy farm

Hello strangers! So I haven’t seen y’all in awhile which is completely my fault. Life got busy *blah blah blah* Seems today I’ve been re inspired to post! This might be because for once I’m not doing all the talking … Continue reading

Dining with Dr S, Typika, Claremont.

Holla peeps! Feels like I haven’t done a “review” post in an age! That might be because since I’ve started working at The Peasant’s Table I don’t really feel the need to dine out as much. Once you see the amazing … Continue reading

Day 3, Yarra Valley. Wine tours are dangerous but magical creatures.

I’ve lived in Melbourne and I’ve visited countless times. I like to think I’ve seen 90% of what this city has to offer. So I hopped onto Trip Advisor, looked up the best wine tours and found Wine Bus. Booked a … Continue reading

Day 2 in Melbourne. Da Football!

Heya guys! After a decent sleep in, (we weren’t out of the hotel until 11:30!) we decided to catch up with the crew from dead letter circus and do some touristy stuff! First stop, roof top bar! After a refreshing … Continue reading

Melbourne! Flight / Day 1/ Dead Letter Circus

Hey readers! Well I’m off adventuring.  Again.  It honestly just feels like Captain Ginger Beard and I got back from Europe and now we’re off on a plane again!  This time our destination is the fabulous Melbourne. I have a … Continue reading

So colour me curry. Roasted green chicken curry.

Hey dudes and dudettes. It feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything to you.  Maybe it’s because so much has happened in a very short time. Here are the highlights: I’ve been down to Albany (about … Continue reading

The ginger beard cooks for me! Roasted Cauliflower, Olive and Garlic pasta

Hellllo Kiddies! Things are changing around here. Instead of me cooking every night (even tho I do love it) once a week Captain Ginger Beard will be trying his hand in the kitchen. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Captain Ginger Beard‘s family. … Continue reading

It’s raining so lets bake healthier brownies! Cooking with Miss Jess.

Helllllllo Lovvvers! So the weather outside is frightening. It’s raining and it feels like my house is a small igloo, yay more excuses to wear my unicorn onesie. I’m also super lucky that my adorable housemate Miss Jess is home … Continue reading

Oatmeal. A webcomic that can write about unicorn balls and still make me weepy.

Hey Guys!

This is just a super duper short post So short that it won’t even have pictures *GASP* but while I was casually surfing the internet I was inspired by an unlikely source.

The Oatmeal

If you haven’t checked out the oatmeal then you are actually missing out on life. I truly think he is a champion of the internet and should be bowed down to and cherished as a god. Sorry captain ginger beard I may have a slight crush on him….

This morning he posted a new link on his FB page to his new comic. . If you were ever that fat kid and you have made a change (or you really really want to) read this, it’s important. 🙂